Jeff and Mary Ellen Powell


We're Jeff and Mary Ellen Powell, a couple on the other side of mid life who believe life is much more fun and meaningful if you're willing to take risks and have adventures!  We want to inspire you to do that!!!!

The great adventure of raising our sons, Seth and Ben, is to a less hands-on stage, so it's time to try new things and have some great adventures!  Even though we have normal jobs, Jeff's a minister and Mary Ellen is a teacher, we  make time to do things like traveling to national parks (and other places)--Travel Adventures, getting healthy--Healthy Adventures--and featuring essential oils as part of that journey--Oily Adventures, having an adventurous walk with God--Spiritual Adventures, and trying things we think are fun--Powell Adventures.  This site is a collection of our experiences

Also, we feature people who inspire us to take Fresh Paths on a daily basis.  Fresh Path Stories are so important to us because they let us know that many people are on adventurous life journeys and are changing their worlds and/or the world around them for good!!  

Join us on the journey!!!  It's so much fun!!  When you begin your own Fresh Path, let us hear from you!  We want to be inspired by what you're trying and want to hear how your adventures are going.

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