Getting Things Straightened Out

Ever been to a chiropractor? Our experience with Lako Family Chiropractic has been an important step in our wellness journey. Read about this great couple who are passionate about what they do and how they can help people live their lives at full capacity. Drs. Steve and Lotem Lako say, "We are honored that so many people trust

us with their health."

Jeff with Drs. Steve and Lotem Lako

Aches and pains come with age, but they are exacerbated by being over weight. Because of back and neck pain as well as an injured knee, I was considering surgery to alleviate some of my pain but wanted to look into nutritional options to improve my health before I proceeded with more drastic measures. Jeff had had trouble with his back off and on for years, so he wasn't feeling orthopedically sound himself and was exploring better nutrition. With all this in mind, Jeff and I wandered into a vitamin shop where a beautiful, young chiropractor was offering free spine assessments. That was when our relationships with Drs. Steve and Lotem Lako began. (Obviously, Dr. Lotem was the one we met in the vitamin shop.)

The results of that scan showed spines that, though they were supposed to be straight, looked more like zigzags. When we met with the Lakos, we learned about the importance of spine health.

We learned from the Lakos that we, like everyone else, could benefit from chiropractic care. When asked who could benefit from chiropractic care, the answer is anyone with a brain. The Lakos explain, "Believe it or not, anyone with a brain is the real answer to this question. Although it seems to be over-the-top, it’s absolutely true."

They continue, "Your body will ALWAYS work better without nerve interference than it would with. We know that true health and healing happens from inside your own body; everything you’ve ever needed in order to be truly healthy, you’ve had since birth, it’s all about accessing that ability to self-regulate, self-maintain, heal, and thrive!"

Dr. Steve Lako learned this first hand when he noticed, through his own successful

personal training business and training as an amateur bodybuilder, that people were suffering with their health and that exercise alone wasn’t enough. Through his personal experience, he decided to follow the path toward becoming a chiropractor.

Another reason Steve Lako pursued a career in chiropractics came as the result of a tick bite. Bitten by a tick in his early 20s, doctors assured him that the tick was not a carrier for Lyme Disease, but three years later he began showing random symptoms: his knees swelled up to the size of cantaloupes, he had to walk with crutches, he had intense burning pain in his legs, his organs started shutting down, and he was quite literally falling apart. He went to over 20 MDs because the only thing they would tell him is that he would never be able to walk, run, or work out ever again. It wasn’t until a Physician’s Assistant tapped his knee, tested the fluid in his knees, and found an exorbitant amount of Lyme.

Dr. Steve underwent extensive treatment, which saved his life and put the Lyme at bay, but his prognosis remained grim including being dependent on a wheelchair. Fortunately, he didn't settle for that prognosis and kept searching for answers and ways to get his body to heal itself and function better. He found that through chiropractic care. He is fully functioning today, and although he thanks the medical community for saving his life, he directly attributes his continued ongoing health and well-being to chiropractic care.

Dr. Lotem Lako was born in Israel and was raised in Colorado and Georgia. Always interested in pregnancy, birth, and children, Dr. Lotem always thought she would grow up to be an OB/GYN. She started seeing a chiropractor when she was 12 years old and grew up in his practice, however, it was not until she did research on chiropractic care’s effect on infertility that she really fell in love with chiropractic’s approach to health, the body, and life in general.

Later, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Science in Biology, Magna

Cum Laude with her Chiropractic degree, and has additional certifications as a

Pediatric Chiropractor Certified by the Academy Council of Chiropractic

Pediatrics. The doctors met while attending Chiropractic School at Life University and got married in 2015.

So, what is the philosophy behind chiropractic care? "Through science, we know that the brain is the master control system of the body," the Lakos say. "It controls and coordinates every single function of your body- telling your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, your stomach to digest food, your immune system to attack an invader, and it does so through your nervous system, which includes your spinal cord and all the nerves. These nerves are the highways or pathways for the brain to communicate with everything in the body."

They further explain that, as long as the bones that protect these vital tissues are in perfect alignment and with perfect motion, then your brain and your body can communicate effectively. "Through stressors, immobility occurs in these bones, creating areas of scar tissue inflammation, and impeding the vital communication from the body to the brain and from the brain back to the body. We call these areas of neurological

interference ‘Subluxations,’ and when you have these subluxations, your body’s

level of adaptability decreases."

When we met with the Lakos for the first time, we realized that the pain we were experiencing was only part of the problems going on in our system. The Lakos say, "Pain is only about 8-10% of what the nervous system controls. 90-92% of the nervous system is all about FUNCTION, and that’s how we can gauge how

healthy your body truly is. Increasing the overall function of your nervous system

allows your body to function at its fullest potential, which allows your body to heal

itself from anything it may need to heal from. Your body was made to heal. Your

body was meant to be healthy. By removing the interference that we find, we

allow your body and your life to be the fullest version of what it can be. Our office

utilizes state-of-the-art technology allowing us to locate, and track nerve

interference. This allows us to measure where your health is, and where we want

it to be. Simply, the less nerve interference you have, the better you function, the

less symptoms you experience, the better you are! Isn’t that what everyone


In initial visit to Lako Family Chiropractics, the Lakos took a thorough history on us and determined how long the interference might have been in our bodies and what may have caused the subluxations to begin with.

"We use state-of-the-art technology that allows us to assess exactly how your nervous system is functioning in REAL TIME! In some cases, we will take chiropractic postural x-

rays to determine how the structure is affecting the function as well."

After the doctors reviewed all of the neuro-diagnostic findings and history, they devised a recommended schedule of correction, marked up the x-rays (if taken), and prepared to share the information with us on our second visit.

The second visit to Lako Family Chiropractic the doctors hosted an Orientation class, in which they educated us all about health and healing from A to Z, answered the top 10-15 most frequently-asked questions about chiropractics, and got us oriented around our own bodies and their abilities to heal. They helped us better understand how to go about removing subluxation and allowing our bodies to function at their fullest capacity. After the orientation, the clinic's team reviewed our findings, presented their

recommendations for care, and gave us our first chiropractic adjustment.

Jeff waiting for another fantastic adjustment from the Lakos

As a state-of-the-art facility that serves the masses, the Lakos utilize the best

technology to serve their community efficiently. Dr. Lotem explains the process, "When a Practice Member comes to get adjusted, they will scan their Practice Member

Card and sit in the reception area until either the system or a team member lets

them know which table is open for them to go back to. When they get to the

table, they scan their cards again at the table and answer some questions that

pop up on our touch screen monitors. After those are completed, Practice

Members empty their pockets, take off their glasses and hats, and lie face down

on our tables to await one of the doctors. This entire process, from start to finish,

should take no more than 5-15 minutes total, including the adjustment itself."

A special aspect of Lako Family Chiropractic is the large number of children, and even babies and pregnant mothers that they see.

"Our office focuses primarily on children and pregnant moms because we know

that the way our bodies develop starts when the mom is pregnant with that baby

and continues when that child is born," Dr. Lotem says. "If there are areas of interference, whether they are caused by malposition in-utero, mother’s stress while she’s pregnant, a difficult birth, the toxins that newborn encounters in the first few days of life, etc. All of this can lead to what we refer to as “The Perfect Storm” where the child’s nervous system becomes stuck in the fight or flight portion of the nervous

system, and that infant or child’s adaptability will be decreased, and the body will

be in overdrive. As you can imagine, this can lead to many functionality issues,

and it actually will not manifest as pain until that problem has sat there for years

upon years. We don’t want to wait! We are in it to save the babies!"

Before becoming patients at Lako Family Chiropractic, I was not sold on chiropractics. I'd heard about it but was skeptical. The Lakos know that and want to change people's minds. They say, "Come hear us out. Come see what our office is like and how we explain what might be going on with you or your child. You’ll find out rather quickly, that our office is different than any chiropractic office you have ever seen. Our hearts and

our passion lies with YOU and YOUR family and YOUR children, and we are here

to teach you exactly what you need to do in order for you all to grow and develop

in the right way from the ground up. We are honored that so many people trust

us with their health."

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