Healthy Adventures: DEXA Scan

In the first week of January this year, Jeff and I began our wellness journey by having a DEXA scan. Now, if you're not familiar with a DEXA Scan, it's a total body scan that tells you all about your body's muscle and fat content. (You'll get a better description of the process later in this piece.) If you're overweight, it's not something you look forward to because you know you've got some pounds to shed. It's not my idea of a good time to have someone, who is already quite fit, tell me that I've got some room for improvement--a lot of room for improvement. Yet, there we were. And it wasn't all bad. Yes, I had a good bit of weight to lose, and still do, but I learned that I'm quite muscular under all that fat. All in all, I recommend getting a DEXA scan because it gave me a very clear idea of how far I had to go. Don't take my word for it, though. Check out this interview with Peter Fisher, co-owner of LiveLeanRx in Atlanta (, a company that no only provides DEXA scans but also V02 Max Testing, and Resting Metabolic Rate Testing (RMR Test) at our LiveLeanRx Atlanta Georgia location.

Peter Fisher looking over Jeff's DEXA scan results.

Fresh Paths: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born in the tip of the lower peninsula of Michigan and lived there for 15 years. I spent the next 15 years living in downtown Chicago. I moved to Atlanta in 1999 and have been here ever since.  My primary interests these days focus on heath, fitness and as much travel as possible.  My first business venture out of college was a retail store on Mackinac Island, a tourist destination in northern Michigan.  Since then I have been a commodity, options and equities trader.  A venture capitalist.  A home builder.  And finally comes Live Lean Rx.  I have 19 year old, identical twin girls who go to school at UGA and Clemson.

Fresh Paths: Tell us about the DEXA scan, how it works, and what it measures.

A DEXA scan is a very low dose x-ray device that was originally developed to measure bone mineral density, basically the hardness of bones. It is also the most accurate and precise way to measure body composition.  Using the DEXA we can measure the amount of fatty tissue and individual has and specifically where it is located in their body.  We can measure the amount of visceral fat or organ fat an individual has which relates directly to health.  We can measure how much lean mass an individual has and the symmetry of the lean mass left to right.  Last, of course, we can measure bone mineral density.

Fresh Paths: How did you become interested in this service?

I have always been into exercise and overall fitness.  My parents opened a racquetball club and gym when I was 10.  My friend of 30 years introduced me to this business about five years ago, and I jumped on board because I saw it as a very unique and valuable tool for all types of individuals.

Fresh Paths: Who could benefit from a DEXA scan? Can't I get the same information from my bathroom scale?

Almost everyone would benefit from a DEXA scan to a certain degree.  It has value for very fit people, people on the opposite end of the fit people and everyone in between.  The bathroom scale will only tell you if you are going up or down in weight not what is going up or down.  A bathroom scale also cannot identify an appropriate healthy weight based on how much lean mass an individual has.  Even scales with a bioelectrical impedance feature can not accurately determine the things a DEXA can determine.  

Fresh Paths: If someone comes to LiveLean Rx for a DEXA scan, what is the process they will go through once they walk through the door?

The process typically takes about 30 minutes total.  Once the individual arrives, there is a brief q&a about why they are interested in getting a DEXA scan. The individual then removes their shoes, any significant metal objects, and empties their pockets.  They lay on the DEXA scanner on their back and the scan takes between five and 11 minutes.  We then go through the results and discuss how to apply them to the particular goals the individual has.  The results are also emailed for later reference.

Jeff getting a scan.

Fresh Paths: What would you tell a person who's never had this scan but is considering it? Because of estimates like the BMI (Body Mass Index), many individuals often have incorrect or inappropriate goals when it comes to weight.  The only true way to determine an appropriate weight for an individual or, more accurately, an appropriate fat loss and or muscle gain goal is to do a DEXA scan.

Fresh Paths: Are the Powells your favorite clients?

Definitely numero uno!!!

Want to learn more about getting a DEXA scan? Go to this website If you're in the Atlanta area, call Peter Fisher at (404) 884-5942 or email the Atlanta office of LiveLeanRx at and set up an appointment for one of LiveLeanRx's scans or other services.

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