Healthy Adventures: Getting Buff

What do you think? Senior Adult Adonis?

So I have a goal. My goal is to be known as “The Senior Adult Adonis." In Greek mythology, Adonis was the god of beauty. He was remarkably handsome, with a flawless body. I like the Urban Dictionary description even more: “The perfect man, with a flawless physique, heart of gold, and mind of steel, who makes hearts patter and gives girls butterflies in their stomachs with his presence.”

Yep, that’s what I’m aiming for.

What I’m really saying is, I’m working on getting into shape. There are several reasons why this is important to me. First, I want to be the best-built guy in the nursing home (when I get there), so I figure I should get started now. There’s lots to be done…

Second, I like the way I feel when I’m in good physical condition. My clothes fit better. I have more energy. I’m healthier.

Third, I still have a lot of things I want to do. I want to live as long and as fully as possible. I want to be around for my grandchildren when they burst onto the scene. I want to hike the Appalachian Trail. I want to plant a lot more churches. The odds of these things happening are greatly increased by living a healthy lifestyle.

So, to that end, I decided to start lifting weights again. I’ve lifted off and on my whole life, but, during my late 50’s, I was mostly lifting donuts and cake. The only part of me that was growing was my belly!

I joined a gym at the beginning of this year, and got to work. After doing a lot of research, I discovered a professional trainer named Kris Gethin. He is well-known and highly respected among bodybuilders and fitness industry experts. He’s also really, really INTENSE! I’m a bit scared of the guy, even though we’ve never met…

Kris Gethin--Don't you think he looks intense?

Kris has several weightlifting programs, that all have different purposes. I started with Four Weeks to Shred, a program designed to burn body fat and lean up. Not only did I get stronger, I lost 8 lbs.

From there I moved into his DTP (Dynamic Transformation Principle) program. This one also lasts four weeks, and is designed to help you gain muscle. As I said earlier, I’ve lifted weights off and on my whole life, but never like this. For instance, here’s what “Leg Day” looked like:

Leg Press

90 lbs x 50 reps

180 lbs x 40 reps

270 lbs x 30 reps

360 lbs x 20 reps

410 lbs x 10 reps


410 lbs x 10 reps

360 lbs x 20 reps

270 lbs x 30 reps

180 lbs x 40 reps

90 lbs x 50 reps

For those of you keeping score, that’s 300 reps!

Then you move on to calves. It was several days before I could walk like a normal man again. Day #2 was “Chest Day.” Day #3 was “Arm Day." And Day #4 was “Shoulder Day." This went on for four weeks.

After completing DPT, I’ve moved on to Gethin’s MBT (Muscle Builder Trainer). I’ve been following that program for the last three weeks, and it’s a killer. I’m going to look spectacular in my coffin…)

This program (like all of Kris Gethin’s programs) puts a great deal of emphasis on nutrition. Four Weeks to Shred was about losing fat, so I was in a calorie deficit for a month, eating only 1900 calories a day, but lifting and doing cardio. MBT is just the opposite. It’s about putting on muscle, so it has me in a calorie surplus. I’m eating almost 3200 calories a day! Lots of protein and carbs to sustain the heavy lifting. But you don’t grow unless you eat! Adonis bod, here I come!

At the end of this program I’ll post some before/after photos. I’m hoping you’ll be able to tell which photo is before and which is after.

For info about Kris Gethin and his products, check out

What's your fitness routine look like? We'd love to hear about your healthy adventures!!

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