The Keitt Institute: Empower, Educate, Equip, and Encourage

Jennifer Keitt, Chief Empowerment Officer for the Keitt Institute

Jennifer Keitt's fresh path began with the prodding of her daughter, "After graduating from Georgia Tech, my oldest daughter, Morgan came to me and said she 'wanted to do what I've been doing her entire life--empowering women.'" Jennifer had been a nationally-syndicated radio host who has been married to her husband Tony for 33 years. After having been in broadcasting since 1985, all her children, three daughters and a son, had ever known was their mom gathering women for experiences in order to empower, educate, equip, and encourage them to live powerfully.

Jennifer's example of helping other women find their calling led others to follow her. Jennifer says, "Morgan said she wanted to dedicate her life to that as well and The Keitt Institute was born! "

Though beginning the Keitt Institute could have been a daunting task, the empowering of women is exactly what Jennifer was made for. "It's what I love to do and what I feel I've been called to do. My radio career quickly led to professional speaking and, once I got in front of audiences, my love for empowering people blossomed."

From Keitt's existing non profit, she and Morgan streamlined their focus with powerful programming such as #StrongGirls for High School Juniors and Seniors.

Some of the Keitt Institute's #StrongGirls participants

For college women, Books & Bosses was begun.

PowerHER Experience programming for adult women was also launched. These sessions, led by Jennifer Keitt, cover a variety of topics that engage women with content that can be used to give women tools to achieve success in life.

These are some of the topics addressed through the PowerHer Experience.

Another component of the Keitt Institute is the Unstoppable Women's Network, "a membership-based network of women dedicated to the empowerment of the next generation."

 With all of these programs, there is a commitment by Jennifer Keitt and others to provide programming for women of all ages that will help them reach their potential.

"We work very hard to ensure our programming is relevant and practical for our audiences. I've brought all of my education and experience to bear as I am the architect and have written all of our original programming workbooks, seminars, webinars, books and experiences. We are here for women through every stage of their life's journey!"

As the Keitt Institute's programs continue to grow, it has come with its challenges. "As with anything worth having, life has!" Jennifer explains.

It is because of her background as a working mom who has worked hard to achieve her dreams that she truly understands how to help others do the same. "The biggest challenge has been knowing when to 'pivot' as I call the challenge of change that happens in our lives. I've been an accessible 'stay-at-home' Mom Boss since my kids were babies. I set up a home office way before they became popular! So that's meant I've struggled with achieving my dreams while helping them create theirs. My husband's career and my career have always been very busy and so the normal juggling act has been the toughest part."

Not one to slow down, Keitt has more plans for helping women around the world. "In May 2019 I am starting my doctoral work in character education! I am thrilled because my vision is to have our #StrongGirls and Books & Bosses programs be official academic curriculum in high schools and colleges. I want our social-emotional based experiences offered to women globally through their institutions of education."

Already the influence of the Keitt Institute reaches to Rwanda. "Morgan and I were invited to go to Rwanda in 2018. We were asked to visit with a group of leaders and we were given the opportunity to bring our #StrongGirls and Books & Bosses programs with us and facilitate them in there. We impacted over 125 women! The school and college prep programming that we were involved with asked for more. So we came back and figured out how to deliver the programs electronically via live video instruction...and the rest is history! We've graduated one high school cohort and one college cohort in 2018. We are starting our 2019 students in a few weeks!"

Some of Keitt Institute's students in Rwanda

The future holds many great things for Keitt, those who work with her, and those who participate in the Keitt Institute's programs. Go to their website,, to learn more about their life-changing curriculum and initiatives.

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