Whimsy Flower Farm: A Fresh Path Through Fresh Flowers

“What started as a small adventure has grown to an exciting business that makes me smile into my cup of coffee each morning.”  Jennifer Flowers Logan

Vibrant flowers in a myriad of hues that could only come from the Creator’s mind fill the fields of a small farm near Blairsville, Georgia.  The beauty of the fields shows what a great work can come about when a couple pursues their passions and follows God’s plan for their lives. Such is the story of Whimsy Flower Farm.

It all started for Rusty and Jennifer Logan at an intersection between the answers to two prayers.  The couple was praying for additional sources of income to take care of some of the basic needs of having four kids like college and orthodontics.  At the same time, Jennifer was praying for ways to be more involved in her community. The answers to those two prayers converged on a cold winter’s night while Jennifer researched growing fragrant sweet peas.  

Jennifer, a stay-at-home homeschool mom, approached her husband Rusty, a high school science teacher, and pitched the idea of growing some flowers to sell at the local farmer’s market.  This led to their first season of growing flowers. The couple, family, and friends raised and cut the flowers themselves and took 5-gallon buckets of beautiful blooms to market. There, people would line up to buy fresh bouquets made from the flowers on the Logan’s farm.  And so it began. Each year the couple has tripled the amount of land they have planted, and each year they have sold almost everything they took to sell. An income stream was grown, literally, from the ground up. In what was once bare acreage, fuschia, coral, deep burgundy, violet, and sunny yellow blossoms of many varieties wave in the breeze and bask in the summer sun.  


(View the slideshow above to see some of Whimsy Flower Farm's beautiful blooms.)

But that’s just a beautiful answer to one of the prayers.  The answer to Jennifer’s prayer to meet people and build meaningful connections with others in her community was answered along with that.  Every week in the summers from 2014 to 2019, the Logans have gone to the farmer’s market, met people, and shared their love of flowers and people.  Sometimes the same people would come by the booth every week to buy a bouquet and friendships were forged. From this time each weekend, the Logans began to build relationships.  Two prayers, two answers, one solution. 

“We have met so many people from such diverse groups selling flowers,” Jennifer explains.  “This has given us the opportunity to offer kindness and friendship to people we would have never met.” Below are pictures of a day at market.

The Logans’ flower farming began five years ago, but their lifestyle of living as a couple in response to God’s leading began over 20 years earlier when the two met while working with a Christian backpacking ministry in Colorado.  “We met, and I knew she was the one,” says Rusty. They were married shortly thereafter.

For awhile, they lived in Colorado and worked with ministries there, but in 2002, the family moved to Blairsville, Georgia, a mountain town in the northern part of the state, where Rusty could continue to lead spiritually-based adventure trips with Life Trails Ministry.  During the school year, Jennifer stayed home and homeschooled their four children, Ethan (20), Eli (17), Samuel (15), and Miriam (12), and Rusty taught and coached high school sports. In the summers, Rusty would lead adventure ministry activities.

In 2016, Rusty gave up leading adventure ministry trips, which was, of course, perfect timing because now the flower farm was up and growing.  Every step of the way over the last few years, God has tilled new soil for them to plant with both flowers and relationships and keeps moving and expanding the Logans’ dreams for the future.

For Jennifer, God has used her passion for growing things to further her call to share the love of Jesus with others.  At times, she has asked herself, “Who is this really for?”

“We know that this is not just for us.  God multiplies what we have and we have seen God’s provision over and over to the point of selling every last stem or every last flower that we took to market,” she says.

The couple tells of the first Saturday that they took 50 buckets of flowers to market.  As Rusty tells it, “I lay awake in bed the night before praying, ‘Lord, you’ve got to sell these 50 buckets of flowers!’”

The next day at the market, people began lining up for bouquets, and the line did not let up.  Finally, when everything was gone, Rusty tried to throw away what was left in the bottom of the buckets.  On his way to the trash, however, a lady stopped him and bought those flowers as well. They didn’t even have any trash to throw away at the end of the day!

This is just one of many examples of how God has taken care of the Logans’ needs as they have pursued this venture.  In return, they give back to others from the bounty of the beauty they produce. In October, Whimsy Flower Farm hosted a dinner complete with gourmet dishes prepared by local chefs.  Proceeds for the dinner supported the work of the Freedom Now Movement, which works to end sex trafficking and slavery.

Events such as this are just part of the passion that the Logans have for growing their business in a way that reaches others.  In addition to the farmer’s market, they now sell flowers wholesale and out of their farm store on Lower Trackrock Road in Blairsville.  At this time of year, the fields are fallow, but in just a few weeks, their greenhouses will be full of anemones and ranunculus. Those blooms will be followed by the spring crops of peonies, snapdragons, larkspur, and yarrow.  Their summer crops will include zinnias, cosmos, basil, tansy, ageratum, and amaranth, as well as showstopping sunflowers and dahlias.   

In the future they envision having over 10,000 dahlias and peonies, expanding both their wholesale routes, selling at a second farmer’s market, and growing their farm store.  With this great vision comes a great deal of hard work. All flowers must be hand harvested, which is leading the Logans to look to hire two full-time employees for the next growing season.

Along with all of the hard work and plans for the future comes the satisfaction of knowing that they are bringing beauty into people’s lives here and now.  In an earlier interview, Jennifer told VoyageATL of the time she took some leftover bouquets to a local nursing home.  ”One Saturday in mid July, at the height of the season when the entire farm was exploding in blooms, we were surprised to find ourselves with leftover bouquets after market. Loading up the extra buckets, we drove them to a nearby nursing home, and when we stepped through the front doors a beautiful resident sitting in her chair by the window erupted into the most genuine laughter and clapped her hands in the air! Just the sight of those colorful blooms brought her soul immediate joy. It was a good day after that. I knew then I was in the right job.”

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